Meet Carrie Cole

Carrie Cole is the president of Cole Educational Consulting. Her career began in the classroom, at both the elementary (all subjects) and secondary levels (reading). Since leaving the classroom, she has built a successful career in education as an educational consultant and professional development specialist.

Meet Put Literacy First's Founder: Carrie ColeOne of Carrie's greatest strengths is her ability to communicate and demonstrate how to put the latest research into action in the “real world” classroom. She is a contributing author to the Teaching Reading Sourcebook (2nd Ed.), working for over two years on this project from conception to publication.  This was a thought-provoking experience that allowed her the time to pour over the recent published research and then work with an amazing team to develop a thorough but concise graphic explanation of research-based content and best practices in reading instruction. Specifically, Carrie's experience with “real world” implementation issues gave her the background needed to work on several of the book’s lesson models, providing a bridge between the research and classroom.

Currently, much of Carrie's work consists of writing and delivering on-site professional development at the school, district, and state levels that is centered around fundamental knowledge in effective research-based reading instructional practices, based on the latest reading and writing research, with explicit connections to the Common Core Standards.  Her biggest strength lies in working side-by-side with teachers to bridge the research to practice gap, bringing these research-based instructional strategies to the classroom in a very real way.