About Cole Educational Consulting

What Cole Educational Consulting DoesWe are dedicated to helping teachers, schools and districts improve the quality of education and raise student achievement. We work within the schools, side-by-side with teachers and administrators, utilizing the latest research, Common Core Standards and current publications to bridge the research to practice gap. With our focused approach on the latest techniques and standards, we are able to help implement programs and teaching practices that have proven positive results in student comprehension and performance.

Customized Professional Development

We teach research-based theory and content in a very real way, connecting it to adopted programs, and then “walking the walk”--turning around and modeling it with students.

On-Site Technical Assistance

Classroom demonstration lessons and coaching sessions; assessment analysis with connection to differentiation, including specific instructional planning for students not meeting benchmarks; classroom “well-checks” with specific next step implementation goals; specific administrator and coach guidance in implementation of Common Core, three-tiered reading model with RtI, and coordinated instructional programs.


Development of trainings for consulting companies, state agencies, and districts on content is centered around fundamental knowledge in effective research-based reading instructional practices, based on the latest reading and writing research, with explicit connections to the Common Core Standards.

Data Analysis

Working with your district's test data, demographics and other information, we can help your district pinpoint problem areas and help develop and implement solutions. We utilize current Common Core Standards and the latest studies to help implement programs that lead to increased student achievement. We work side-by-side with teachers to bridge the research to practice gap, bringing these research-based instructional strategies to the classroom in a very real way.