Explicit Instructional Strategies Volume One

A powerful teaching resource, the Explicit Instructional Strategies for Teaching Foundational Reading Skills video series provides a “research to practice” approach for the classroom.

The entire series is grounded in pragmatic, real-world application and connects directly to the Common Core Standards.  Each lesson is approximately 3-6 minutes long, has a strategic focus, and was shot unrehearsed in a real classroom with real students.  It covers topics such as letter-sound review, sound-spelling review, irregular word reading, onset-rime blending, phoneme blending, sound-by-sound blending, continuous blending, spelling-focused blending in both single syllable and multisyllabic words, reading open and closed syllables, and vocabulary for specific words.

"Volume One: Foundational Reading Skills" contains ten essential lessons:

Explicit Instructional Strategies Volume One

Letter/Sound Review
Sound/Spelling Review
Irregular Words
Sound-By-Sound Blending
Phoneme Blending
Spelling Focused Blending
Open/Closed Syllables
Onset Rime Blending
Continuous Blending
Specific Word Instruction for Vocabulary

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